HAT Takes Lid Off Employee Performance Management System

Human Asset Technologies (HAT), a Westborough, Mass.-based employee performance management services provider, today announced the release of Voyager, a management system that incorporates automation capabilities and
industry-validated competency models designed to increase an organization’s productivity and efficiencies.

According to HAT, Voyager consists of three Web-based modules that can operate separately or
as an integrated performance management system.
The system also incorporates a knowledgebase that’s designed to leverage proven methodologies and best practices for assessment,
allowing companies to measure individual competencies against professional
standards based on two decades of research and validation, HAT reports.

Voyager incorporates the following integrated Web-based modules, according to HAT:

Voyager Performance Planning is application for setting and managing individual and team goals throughout
the performance management lifecycle. It offers the following features:

  • Manages workflow to ensure that plans are created on time
  • Allows a manager to track the progress of employees against their
    goals throughout the plan period

  • Enables companies to convey the importance of top-level corporate
    strategy to all employees

Voyager Assessment automates the competency assessment process and manages the workflow,
data storage and reporting for self, manager and multi-rater
assessments. It offers the following features:

  • Managers and individuals are able to view the status of assessment
    activity at any time

  • Frees HR managers from the time-consuming administration of complex
    assessment processes

  • Enables managers to focus on leveraging the strengths and developing
    the skills of employees across an organization

  • Provides access to printable reports, including data summary and gap
    analysis reports

Voyager Development links an individual’s development needs to specific development
activities, which is designed to make it easy to create and manage development plans. It offers the following features:

  • The Performance Appraisal capability is designed to create and
    manage development plans, and allows managers to track the development
    progress of all direct reports

  • Includes a library of learning activities, which include self-study
    books, articles, audio/video tapes and experiential activities

  • Configurable design allows for a development plan approval
    process that can also incorporate approval requirements for development
    activities that incur costs

HAT customers include Blockbuster Video and Lockheed Martin. Voyager is available immediately as a hosted product. Pricing is determined on a per-user
basis, according to HAT.

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