HP, PSINet in Network-Management Pact

Hewlett-Packard Co. and PSINet today said they entered into a non-exclusive, worldwide partnership to offer businesses an integrated software, hardware, and network-management solutions package.

The companies said the alliance was formed to address enterprise customer
demand for reliability, growth of operations, reduction of costs and
increase in profitability.

The first release from the joint venture will feature PSINet’s new dedicated-hosting services on HP-UX and Windows NT system servers, along with the HP OpenView management system.

The integrated service package is immediately available in the U.S. and is slated for future release in markets including Toronto, London and Amsterdam upon PSINet’s completion of its worldwide data-centers in these regions.

In addition, PSINet is now expanding its Herndon, VA-based data center to
include several classes of dedicated UNIX system HP 9000 Enterprise Servers
and dedicated Windows NT-based HP NetServer systems. PSINet also expects to incorporate HP’s Web Quality of Service (QoS) functionalities in implementing an infrastructure to support PSINet’s services including peak-user management, user-class prioritizing and service-class prioritizing solutions.

The companies tested new dedicated-hosting services on HP servers during
the past six months with select PSINet customers including Mirabilis ICQ division.

“The alliance with PSINet is a major step in our efforts to make the Internet a more reliable and predictable utility for critical applications that will allow businesses to expand their operations,” said Nigel Ball, general manager for HP’s Internet and Application Systems Division.

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