IBM Offers ISPs New Tools for Better E-Business

IBM Corp. unveiled today at ISPCON in Baltimore new e-business
solutions targeting Internet Service Providers.

Using the technology developed for the official 1998 Winter Olympics Web
site, these new IBM Solutions for ISPs are designed to help providers improve services such as Web hosting and to generate more revenue.

One of these technologies, code-named “Nagano,” is designed to reduce
network congestion and optimize Web server performance, including features
such as caching, load balancing, and replication.

IBM’s new Distributed Web Traffic Express offering extends the Nagano
product to provide a more uniform Web content caching system that serves to
help reduce bandwidth needs and storage space.

In addition, IBM is providing new tools to help ISPs host and develop
commerce-enabled Web sites. The IBM Net.Commerce merchant server is
available for maintaining customers’ online catalogs, and the Web Site
Constructor is a solution for helping ISPs create Web sites that support
e-commerce transactions.

IBM’s Intelligent Subscriber Management System (ISMS) offers ISPs a
subscriber maintenance and customer billing solution, featuring a variety
of billing options.

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