IDT to Offer Low-Rate Net Telephony Service

Internet telephony service provider IDT
announced today a new $.05 per minute rate for its
long-distance customers using its Net2Phone Direct service.

The rates will be effective for those customers placing calls across the
U.S. Rates have been lowered for international calls as well, with charges
for dialing London starting at $.09 per minute, Sydney $.10 per minute, and
Korea $.30 per minute.

In conjunction with the new rates, IDT is allowing users to place a free
one-minute phone call to any location within the U.S. Those
interested in the free promotion should call 800-CALL-IDT.

Callers can place a long-distance phone call through the Net2Phone Direct
service by dialing an IDT local access number available in 50 cities. The
calls are then transferred from the public switched telephone network onto
the Internet via IDT’s infrastructure. Those customers outside the local
calling area of any of the 50 cities, can access the Net2Phone Direct
service via an 800 number.

The Net2Phone Direct service can be purchased in $25.00 prepaid increments.

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