Inktomi “Caching” in on More Deals

Inktomi Corp. today announced AOL Interactive Services and Digital Equipment Corp. have agreed to license the company’s Traffic Server network cache product.

Today’s announcement follows yesterday’s news of Inktomi’s agreements with DIGEX Inc., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), and Knology Holdings Inc., which will also license Traffic Server software.

Digital said it will port Inktomi’s Traffic Server to Digital UNIX running on the Alpha platform. The company will also collaborate with Inktomi on various global marketing and sales plans involving Traffic Server running on the Digital platform.

Digital’s target market includes international Internet Service Providers (ISPs), backbone carriers, and telecommunications companies.

“The implementation of Inktomi’s Traffic Server on Digital’s Alpha platform enables ISPs to improve the quality of service they can offer to their customers while simultaneously controlling their network costs,” said Rose Ann Giordano, vice president of Digital’s ISP Business Group. “We are excited to be offering ISPs worldwide the benefits of this caching solution, giving them an edge in this very competitive market.”

AOL Interactive Services, the Internet online services division of America Online, said it will license Inkotomi’s Traffic Server software for its Web service.

As increased traffic clogs the Internet, caching software is designed to ease congestion by keeping data closer to the user, minimizing usage of the network backbone.

Inktomi’s Traffic Server is a commercial network cache based on cluster and parallel technology that’s designed to scale over a terabyte of data.

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