Inktomi Signs Network Caching Agreements

Inktomi Corp.
announced a series of agreements with DIGEX Inc., Nippon Telegraph and Telephone (NTT), and Knology Holdings Inc. under which the companies will employ Inktomi’s Traffic Server cache technology for their networks.

DIGEX a first-tier, national Internet carrier that caters exclusively to
business clients, signed a deal that Inktomi is billing as one of the
largest purchases of a commercial network caching product in the U.S.

NTT, Japan’s largest telecommunications company, and cable broadband provider Knology Holdings, also agreed to purchase and use Traffic Server within their networks.

“We selected Inktomi’s Traffic Server cache because of its flexibility and
scalability,” said Ed Kern, vice president of network services at DIGEX.
“DIGEX has long been a leader in providing value-added data communications
services, and Inktomi’s solution provides a rich platform to build new
services into our network to benefit our customers.”

Caching is a method that allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and backbone providers to scale up their networks by multiplying the effective bandwidth capacity of existing infrastructure, moving frequently accessed data closer to users.

Traffic Server uses Inktomi cluster, and parallel technologies run on
standard Sun Microsystems servers. It is designed to scale over a terabyte
of data.

“Inktomi’s Traffic Server, running on Sun servers with the Solaris
operating environment, provides Internet carriers with a powerful and
scalable solution to reduce network bandwidth congestion,” said Mark
Tolliver, vice president, market development, Sun Microsystems Computer
Company. “We see caches as a key element in making the network scale for
our customers.”

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