Gives Users Control, a Woburn, Mass.-based provider of Web-based intranets, announced yesterday enhancements to its services aimed small and medium-sized businesses.

According the company, the new customization features let customers take more control over the look and feel of their intranet’s home page, including the capability to make graphical, rich text announcements. The company reports that the customization feature and other new features were a result of customer requests.

The new home page customization options is designed to give users an additional way to tailor their intranet to specific needs. For example, users can now customize the layout of their home page, post important messages and images on their site’s home page and customize the content tabs at the top of their intranet.

In the summer, the company made news when it switched from a free service to a strictly fee-based service. “In our second major enhancement since we became a subscription service this past July, we continue a tradition,” said Karen Leavitt, vice president of marketing at “With the addition of a rich text editor, users can create announcements that include pictures, tables and colorful fonts. This new feature enables the creation of customized announcements and newsletters, two important ingredients in improved group collaboration and communication.”

According to, enhancements to the task manager application make it easier to accomplish team goals and manage projects. The improved printable view is designed to lets users track tasks by project and customize the project list so that when a task is delegated, a task owner can be assigned. Task action items can also be organized into categories — such as meetings, phone calls, and goals — to make it simpler to figure out which ones to tackle first.

Enhancements to group scheduling functionality let users schedule events for a select group of members, building off the groups and permissions functionality that the company says it introduced nearly a year ago. subscriptions start at $19.95 per month for up to four members, $5.95 per month each additional member. The company is included on the ASPnews list of Top 20 ASPs.

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