iPlanet Boosts Sun ONE: Just Add Java, XML and SOAP

Executives over at iPlanet, that e-commerce alliance between Sun Microsystems and Netscape, Monday say they are releasing a variation of their platform that covers a whole lot of ground.

The new platform incorporates SOAP, Java technology, and XML and is targets the Sun Open Net Environment (Sun ONE) vision for enabling Web services.

This time around, iPlanet engineers are releasing a platform that includes iPlanet Integration Server, B2B Edition, iPlanet Integration Server, EAI Edition, and iPlanet Message Queue for Java.

The goal of the updated version of the server is to let customers use emerging web services standards to link business processes and data to partners, customers and suppliers.

“With more than 500 customers adopting our integration products, iPlanet offers one of the most proven integration solutions available today,” says iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions senior vice president of products Stuart Wells. “By placing these products into a single platform and embracing emerging new web services standards such as SOAP, we are helping organizations streamline their business processes, reduce costs today, and leverage the power of web services in the future.”

Wells says the platform brings together the formerly unrelated worlds of enterprise application integration (EAI), B2B integration and message oriented middleware.

The middleware is part of the Sun ONE offering for smart Web services, which the company says is “an open, integrateable product.”

The multi-faceted software package is expected to be available in late September, 2001 at a price of $100,000 per CPU. iPlanet Integration Server, EAI Edition will be ready in early September 2001, starting at a price of $40,000 per CPU. The iPlanet Message Queue for Java is available now and priced at $4,000 per CPU. A developer version of iPlanet Message Queue for Java is available for free download at the iPlanet site.

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