iPrint Tapped for PeopleSoft 8

PeopleSoft (Nasdaq: PSFT), which specializes in e-business applications, Wednesday says it is partnering with iPrint (Nasdaq: IPRT) to offer an all-in-one e-printing solution.

As part of the deal both companies will co-market the solution to PeopleSoft 8 e-Procurement customers. PeopleSoft 8 is a new Internet-based enterprise application that streamlines the entire supply chain from item selection through payment.

“By integrating our Web-based purchasing solution with iPrint’s technology, we can offer our customers a heightened commercial buying experience,” says PeopleSoft VP Mike Frandsen. “Not only does the partnership make it easier to obtain custom-printed materials, but it decreases the customer’s cost, and reduces their implementation time to virtually zero.”

Using iPrint’s XML-PrintBuyer technology, PeopleSoft customers can get custom-printed items through iPrint’s e-Print Center-an online environment where they can design and order branded, custom-printed materials.

After proofing their order online, customers can then return to the eProcurement application and submit the project for spending approval using PeopleSoft’s workflow engine.

“This relationship confirms iPrint’s strategy of tightly integrating our e-printing solution with major ERP (enterprise resource planning) systems,” says iPrint VP Tom Haley.

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