B2BWorks, AdSociety Link Up

Ad network B2BWorks joins the growing number of ad networks focusing their attention abroad, while the U.S. advertising market remains soft.

This week, the Chicago-based company inked a deal with Asian ad network AdSociety, in which AdSociety will represent B2BWorks inventory to pan-Asian advertisers.

B2BWorks, which handles exclusive inventory on some 500 business-to-business portals and sites, gains access to new clients through AdSociety’s relationships with Asian financial services, heavy industry companies, and telecommunications companies. AdSociety is owned by Asian telecom firm Pacific Century Cyberworks.

Meanwhile, B2BWorks also will be able to sell inventory on the sites of AdSociety’s thousand publishers to U.S.-based advertisers.

“Asia presents huge trade opportunities for U.S. businesses, and many online advertising opportunities not yet realized,” said Bill Furlong, founder, president and CEO of B2BWorks. “Our leadership position in the U.S., coupled with AdSociety’s domination of the pan-Asian markets allows the two companies to create the first truly global online B2B advertising network.”

B2BWorks is only the latest player in the ad network space to strengthen its presence in Asia. CMGI-owned Engage signed a similar deal with Australia-based ad network Pacific Access, which will represent Engage’s inventory to Australasian clients.

Additionally, DoubleClick recently snapped up the intellectual property assets of Australia-based Sabela Media from struggling competitor 24/7 Media, with the intent of transitioning Sabela’s clients over to DoubleClick’s ad serving platform.

AdSociety has been making strides to expand into North America and Europe, even as U.S. ad networks look to reduce their exposure to the American ad marketplace. Recent deals with Los Angeles-based L90 and Germany’s Interactive Media ContentSuite AG have increased the network’s reach, which AdSociety says it will be able to parlay into more attractive products for advertisers.

“We can now consolidate valuable advertising inventory across the globe, across vertical markets and user groups to offer a truly one-stop-shop advertising vehicle for our clients,” said AdSociety founder and chief executive Patrick Jonathan Wong. “Our exclusive partnership with B2BWorks immediately strengthens our position as one of the leading global providers … in both the B2C and B2B advertising markets. “

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