ISP Calls for Bell Canada Inquiry

One of Toronto’s largest Internet service providers has asked Canadian Minister of Industry John Manley to consider calling a Parliamentary inquiry into alleged predatory trade practices by Bell Canada.

“It is the position of Internet Direct that Bell Canada has been using
its monopoly in local phone services to cross-subsidize its own Internet business services,” said John Nemanic, president of Internet Direct. “It is also our position that Bell Canada has been using that monopoly to withhold or delay the provision of lines to Bell Canada’s Internet competitors.”

“Our phone orders have been delayed up to three months in some suburbs,” Nemanic charged. “Dial-tone is as critical as cash-flow in our industry. In the past we have taken Bell Canada’s explanations for service delays at face value. However, with the announcement of the AIB service offering by Bell Canada, we feel that the above delays are pre-meditated attempts to stifle our growth.”

Nemanic believes that a parliamentary inquiry examining Bell Canada’s
cost structure and business practices is critical to determine if
consumers and small business are being treated fairly by Bell Canada.

A full copy of the letter to John Manley is available for view on
Internet Direct’s Web site.

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