Juno Expands Internet Coverage

Juno Online Services, Inc. Wednesday
announced the addition of more than 300 new access numbers across the
nation for use by members of its Internet services.

This will bring Juno to 1900 total points of presence (POPs) in 900 cities, including 300
new POPs to its Internet access service, Juno Web.
Approximately 250 of the new access numbers can also be used in connection
with Juno’s enhanced e-mail service, Juno Gold, or its free basic Juno
e-mail service. Approximately 98 percent of the POPs available for Juno Web
can support v.90 network access at speeds up to 56 kbps.

“The introduction of additional access numbers makes it more convenient
than ever for our users to connect to Juno,” said Wendy Rosenberg, Juno’s
vice president in charge of telecommunications.

“The new POPs also allow us
to offer additional access numbers in some of our most popular locations,
so that our members can count on a high quality of service when they use

Juno Online Services, Inc. provides several levels of Internet-related
services. Since the launch of Juno’s basic e-mail service in April 1996,
more than 6.6 million accounts have been created.

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