Lycos Personalizes Portal

In a move designed to rival its community site competitors, portal player Lycos, Inc. Wednesday debuted personalization features of its newest service, My Lycos.

My Lycos is made to offer a customized portal to users. It provides personalized news, weather and stock quotes, as well as the ability to read e-mail, update homepages, search,
shop, chat and a create a customized start page.

My Lycos follows the customization theme found in other successful portals, including Yahoo!, Excite and AOL. Lycos said it will incorporate tools from its subsidiaries MailCity and Tripod in order to provide the most comprehensive service possible.

“My Lycos is the best place to start because it offers the best of the Web completely customizable to a
user’s needs,” said Jan Horsfall, vice president of marketing for Lycos.

“We’ve dramatically broadened our
easy-to-use features to create the most powerful and personal start page on
the Web.”

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