Knowledge ASP Kamoon Gets $23 Million Series B

Knowledge management software maker Kamoon said it received $23 million in a Series B funding. Patricof & Co. Ventures, Apax Partners and BRM Group also took part in the second round investment.

The company, which maintains offices in Israel and Fort Lee, NJ, said it would use the proceeds to target its knowledge management software products in the financial services, professional services sectors and B2B marketplace verticals.

Yali Harari, president and CEO, told that Kamoon has developed software tools that enable business services clients to better serve their customers; it does this by helping them manage the knowledge transfer from Web-based interactions. For example, if a customer needs to go into a real-time chat room to get more advice before making a financial decision, a click of a button helps activate Kamoon’s software product, which could be in application service provider subscriber model or in use in the client’s own back end system.

“Financial services firms that are ready to take more of their business online, B2B exchanges that need to provide more expert advice to help close more transactions” are among the sectors we’re targeting, Harari explained. “The product is different than standard customer relationship management software in that it enables sites to define where n the process they want to drive the human intervention,” she said. Once the details of the interaction have been captured, the Kamoon product acts as a kind of “smart switchboard” with the client’s other knowledge management tools. The idea is to enable the expert “to interact with the customer and answer the question in the exact detail that the customer asked.”

The company said its patent-pending technology connects a customer’s needs to the right expert either inside or across an extended enterprise network whether it is for a fee-based or value-added service channel.

The company also said Eli Barkat would take a seat on the company’s board of directors. Barkat is a founding partner of BRM Technologies Ltd., an Israeli-based incubator venture firm.

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