LiveVault Unveils HailStorm-enabled Solution

Managed backup, restore and vaulting solutions provider LiveVault Corp. announced Monday (March 26) that it is developing a service which will incorporate Microsoft’s recently unveiled HailStorm Web Services.

LiveVault offers online backup, recovery and electronic vaulting services to enterprise remote and branch office (RBO) and small to mid-size business (SMB) customers. With HailStorm, LiveVault customers will experience increased efficiency through single sign-on, with a Passport credential, and be notified automatically when important backup or recovery events are completed, at either their workstation or another Internet-enabled device, such as a cell phone.

“We are pleased to be working with LiveVault to incorporate the .NET platform technology and to bring LiveVault’s vital online backup, recovery and electronic vaulting services to Microsoft’s business customers,” said Sanjay Parthasarathy, vice president of the .NET platform strategy group at Microsoft. “Working together, we will create Web Services that significantly enhance the experience for business customers.”

With Microsoft .NET, an XML-based Web Services platform, Microsoft aims to change the way businesses build software and sell products and produce unparalleled access to an integrated computing experience. XML Web Services are constructed using XML for data exchange to help applications, services and devices work together. Sharing data through XML allows them to be independent of each other while simultaneously giving them the ability to loosely link themselves into a collaborating group that performs a particular task.

HailStorm services help different technologies cater to the user and provide a consistent experience across an individual’s entire personal network. The platform consists of a set of XML-based Web Services and an underlying services architecture. HailStorm connects Internet applications, devices and services and transforms them into a user’s personal network on their behalf with their permission.

“LiveVault is excited about the Microsoft .NET platform, and shares in the vision of delivering seamlessly integrated, timely, relevant and easy-to-use Web Services,” said John B. Butler, Jr., president and CEO of LiveVault. “By using Hailstorm, LiveVault has the ideal platform to proliferate the use of our market-leading online backup, recovery and electronic vaulting service.”

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