LoadSpring Enhances CAM Console Security Features

LoadSpring Solutions Inc., a Lawrence, Mass-based provider of collaboration and application management services, yesterday announced that it has enhanced the security features of its Web-based application, the Collaborative Application Management (CAM) Console.

CAM Console, which LoadSpring offers as both a hosted service and a licensed product, is designed to provide organizations with collaborative tools that allow them to work more closely and efficiently with their clients, colleagues, partners and vendors. In addition to providing secure access, the CAM Console comes with a service-level agreement (SLA) tailored to each customer’s uptime and support needs.

The challenge with security, according to LoadSpring, is how to leverage computing and communication tools without putting data at risk. “CAM Console provides the collaborative foundation our customers require to significantly enhance their operations, allowing them to get projects done faster, improve work processes and reduce costs,” said Eric Leighton, president and CEO of LoadSpring Solutions. “LoadSpring also recognizes that security is a critical component to the concept of accessing and sharing information across the Internet, so we have developed an enhanced security framework to our CAM Console that fits the security and control needs of our customers.”

With the CAM Console, the company claims, connected users can access their applications and share information on-line, in real-time through the Internet or the corporate network. CAM Console allows IT managers or LoadSpring to manage, maintain, upgrade and deploy applications from a central location to all users instantly. LoadSpring reports that it has implemented physical, electronic and procedural measures in its security policies that assures customers of data integrity and security.

CAM Console’s Collaboration Module is designed to allow connected users to not only view project information and designs, but allows authorized participants to participate in making changes, adjustments and enhancements in real-time.

The User & File Management Modules allow IT managers or project administrators to control user permissions, applications and data access in real-time. Customer administrators or IT managers can instantly add or delete users to the system and control what applications they have access to, monitor application usage and track software license compliance and usage.

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