Lycos-AT&T Online Service Launches

Lycos, Inc. today officially debuted Lycos Online Powered by AT&T WorldNet, a co-branded online service targeted at users of Lycos’ search and navigation guides.

First announced in May, the three-year AT&T-Lycos alliance is similiar to agreements AT&T also signed with Lycos rivals Excite, Inc. and Infoseek.

The Lycos Online Powered By AT&T WorldNet service provides Net connectivity
through the AT&T WorldNet Service for 150 hours of Internet access per
month at an introductory price of $12.95 per month for the first three
months. Following the three-month trial period, pricing jumps
to $19.95 per month, with additional hours costing $.99 each.

In addition, Lycos will also feature AT&T [email protected] Communications
services as part of the companies’ agreement, offering users information
on Internet-related services such as AT&T Chat ‘N Talk, Click2Dial
Conferencing and Click2Dial Directories.

In June Lycos rolled out the AT&T Communication Center on its network,
which offers Lycos members information and discount rates on AT&T long
distance services.

“Lycos Online Powered by AT&T WorldNet Service will afford users the best
possible experience on the Internet,” said Bob Davis, president and CEO of
Lycos. “This combination gives both new and experienced Web surfers the
winning combination of AT&T’s reliable Internet access service combined
with Lycos’ personalized content, full-featured Web navigation and vibrant
online community.”

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