19 Agencies Announce Support for Live Picture

Live Picture Inc., an Internet imaging
firm in Campbell, CA said that 19 interactive design agencies announced
support for the company’s servers, which enable consumers to zoom in and
examine products and other articles in detail.

The Internet advertising and design firms all said they will support their
clients’ choice of Live Picture Image Servers and Zoom images to boost Web
sales and marketing results.

Announcing support for Live Picture Image Servers are: Agency.com, Art
Technology Group, CKS Group, Criterion Communications, DDB Needham
(Interactive), Free Range Media, InterDimensions, I/O 360, Knowledge
Strategies, Miller Imaging, Modem Media.Poppe Tyson, Organic, The Quality
Shop, Razorfish Inc., Red Sky Interactive, T3 Media, US Interactive, US Web
and Winkler Advertising.

On July 13 Live Picture announced that 18 leaders in the retail,
entertainment, travel, real estate, medical, and consumer electronic
industries announced that they are using Live Picture Image Servers to
maximize results online.

“These design firms are determining the look and feel of the Web–and are
influencing to a great extent how consumers will access online storefronts and
purchase products,” said Kate Mitchell, president and CEO of Live Picture.

Live Picture Image Servers deliver high-resolution images as fast as typical
JPEG images, but with crystal clarity and exceptional detail. Live Picture
solutions enable users to zoom into the images for a closer look at ads for
products for sale on the Web to make better informed purchasing decisions. The
servers also enable companies to feature 360-degree panoramic images.

Live Picture said its Zoom images present consumers with a near tactile
experience for Web shopping. Consumers shopping for new clothing, for
instance, will be able to closely examine fabric weaves and colors. Graphic
designers viewing stock photographs can also download images at the precise
resolution they need.

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