McAfee Invites Portuguese Partner

McAfee, a division of Network Associates , today announced a partnership with RSVP Consultants, a Portuguese provider of customized security technology, to deliver McAfee ASaP web-based managed security solutions.

McAfee ASaP offers Network Associates’ security technology over the Web. It will be providing RSVP with desktop and gateway anti-virus, vulnerability assessment and firewall services that are managed by McAfee.

Joost de Raeymaeker, general manager at RSVP, says the firm was looking for a security technology solution via the Internet that required no internal resources: “With these services, we can assure our customers that they will be protected from security threats like the Code Red Worm and Nimda Virus,” he says.

“The McAfee ASaP services remove the headache of network security, ensuring round-the-clock protection against security vulnerabilities,” says Sal Viveros, marketing director for the McAfee ASaP services.

RSVP customers will have access to McAfee’s line of online managed security services to protect their business applications. The services incorporate Rumor peer-to-peer technology to automate the delivery of content and software updates.

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