Metricom Gets Ricochet Ready

Mobile data networking firm Metricom
announced it’s prepared to launch wireless data services
this month.

Tim Dreisbach, Metricom chairman and chief executive
officer, said the firm is on the crest of a massive wave poised to break
into the wireless data market with the launch of Ricochet this month.

“As we launch our markets, the rising tide of momentum will build as our
service areas continue to grow in footprint sizes and market numbers,
serving the unmet need for true freedom with high-performance mobile
access,” Dreisbach said.

Over the past few months, Metricom made great gains to develop its Ricochet
wireless services into an operational reality. Metricom signed up several
new partners, including Juno Online
Services Inc.
and Wireless WebConnect to market, sell, and
support co-branded Ricochet services.

The firm is set to kick-off its Ricochet branding campaign on July 24.
Metricom and its channel partners are ready for the launch of Ricochet
wireless services in San Diego and Atlanta this month.

Since the first of the year, Metricom service deployment made progress in
all areas impacting its Ricochet debut. Rradio production, equipment
installation, site leases, right of way acquisition, and modem
manufacturing all came together to get the wireless data service off the

In addition to preparing Atlanta and San Diego markets for launch, progress
was made in the other 19 markets under active deployment, which are
schedule for a September launch.

Dreisbach said Metricom is excited about the imminent launch of Ricochet
wireless data services in Atlanta and San Diego.

“Others continue to talk about future technologies, and the reality of what
those technologies might or might not deliver,” Dreisbach said. “As
customers are beginning to see through the false promises in the market,
they can now see that mobile access to all-things-Web is real with Ricochet.”

Founded in 1985, Metricom has spent more than 15 years on the development
of its proprietary MicroCellular Data Network. The technology enables clients to
offer wireless Internet speeds comparable to a 28.8 kilobits per second
wired modem. Ricochet services capable of delivering 128 8 kilobits per
second speeds are currently under construction in 21 major U.S. markets.

Since the first of the year Metricom added new municipal agreements for
Ricochet to potentially cover more than 61 million users. It also opened
its primary Network Operations Center in Plano, Texas.

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