Metromedia Fiber Network Lands Contracts Totaling $50 Million

Metromedia Fiber Network
Thursday announced separate long-term agreements with Internet
providers PSINet Inc. and AboveNet Communications Inc. worth
more than $50 million.

Metromedia Fiber Network will provide strands of dark fiber on its East and
West Coast networks and co-location space to both companies. PSINet and
AboveNet will obtain unlit fiber access to key tier one markets.

PSINet will become the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) to utilize
Metromedia Fiber Network’s West Coast infrastructure. When completed, the
dark fiber network will encompass the San Francisco Bay Area, extending
south to the Silicon Valley, San Jose and Santa Clara and east to Hayward.
The dark fiber infrastructure will encircle key West Coast financial and
technology centers and will provide a link for U.S. termination points on
portions of PSINet’s Asia/Pacific data transport facilities.

Metromedia Fiber Network will provide AboveNet with building-to-building
dark fiber connectivity over its long-haul inter-city network and a
metropolitan area network on the East Coast. The unlit fiber connection
will provide AboveNet with high bandwidth availability for their East Coast
campus and an opportunity expand the company’s gateway to Europe.

“The explosive growth in the Internet continues to transform the
information age and drive demand for more and more bandwidth among ISPs and
Internet connectivity companies,” said Metromedia President Howard

“Metromedia Fiber Network’s dark fiber solution offers the flexibility,
security and reliability that enables Internet providers like PSINet and
AboveNet to provide customers with seamless, high-speed, congestion-free
pipelines to the information superhighway.”

Metromedia Fiber Network is currently building fiber optic intra-city
networks in 11 metropolitan markets in the U.S. The networks pass major
corporate and financial centers, key regional Bell operating company
central and tandem offices, Internet access points and large carrier
hotels in these densely populated business locations.

Metromedia Fiber Network’s dark fiber connections offer OC-3 (155 megabits)
to OC-192 (10 Gigabits) unlimited bandwidth capabilities which will enable
organizations to implement broadband applications. Utilizing Metromedia
Fiber Network’s infrastructure, companies are able to privately transmit
data at speeds up to 2 terabits of data per second.

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