Microsoft Leaves Windows Open for Citrix

Citrix Systems Inc. , an application serving and portal software giant, today announced that it has sealed a three-year agreement that will provide the company with access to Microsoft Windows Server source code.

Under terms of the agreement, Citrix will have access to current and future versions of Microsoft NT, 2000 and .NET platform server operating systems including access to Terminal Server interfaces. The agreement also covers any new operating system technology developed by Microsoft in the next three years.

Bob Kruger, senior vice president, product development and chief technology officer for Citrix, described today’s agreement as a logical next step in Citrix’s relationship with Microsoft. In 1997, Microsoft and Citrix entered into an agreement that resulted in Citrix developing technology for Microsoft that is now part of the Windows server operating systems.

“As with the May 1997 agreement, this agreement has a three-year duration,” Kruger said in a conference call today. Unlike 1997 arrangement, he said, this agreement doesn’t include provisions for work for hire or any other financial remuneration. “The agreement is strictly for access to source code and interfaces to enable Citrix to develop enterprise class enhancements to Terminal Server features resident in the Windows operating system.”

Citrix was tight-lipped regarding specifics of the agreement and declined to elaborate on the timing of when Citrix receives source code updates.
“It’s confidential — we have what we need when we need it to be punctual,” said Citrix CEO Mark Templeton.

Citrix offers two families of products designed to enable virtual access to information: MetaFrame Application Server software and NFuse Access Portal software, including NFuse Elite, NFuse Classic and Enterprise Services for NFuse.

Citrix is listed by ASPnews as a Top 30 Enabler.

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