MindSpring Acquires IGC Internet Subscribers

MindSpring Enterprises, Inc.
Thursday purchased the consumer dial-up subscriber base of
the Institute for Global Communications.

Financial terms of the agreement to buy the San Francisco-based clientele
were not disclosed. The transition of the IGC Internet subscribers to
MindSpring dial-up systems should be completed in 60-days.

IGC is a nonprofit organization that provides online access and training
for activists and organizations. Marci Lockwood, IGC executive director,
said selling-off their dial-up services would enhance their ability to
place renewed emphasis on web content and technology training for activists
and nonprofit professionals.

“Today, with companies such as MindSpring providing full service and
high-speed Internet access, it makes sense for IGC Internet to focus on
what we do best, progressive online content and technology training for

Mike McQuary, MindSpring president and chief operating officer, said the
company was happy to provide a new dial-up home for 5,000 to 10,000 of
IGC’s subscribers in Northern California.

“We are very pleased that IGC has selected MindSpring as the new home for
its member’s dial-up service,” McQuary said. “This will allow IGC to
renew their focus on their core mission.”

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