Com21 Supplies Nagoya Cable With Modems

Nagoya Cable Network Co., Ltd., operated by KDD Media Net, is deploying cable modems and headends from Com21, Inc in various locations throughout the 400,000 homes commercially serviced by Nagoya and KDD.

As part of their deployment, KDD and Nagoya plan to purchase US$1.5 million in cable modem equipment over a two-year period.

Over the past 12 months, Nagoya, KDD and US-based Com21 have participated in high-speed data-over-cable field trials in Nagoya City.

“We believe
the ATM approach Com21 has designed into its cable modem product gives us the
flexibility to integrate both cable-Internet and telephony services,” said Tameyuki Furukawa, president of Nagoya Cable Network.

“KDD, the largest international telecommunications company in Japan, was looking to integrate cable-Internet capabilities into its service as early as 1997. Com21 was selected because it provides the most flexible, stable and cost-effective broadband solution to support our service needs,” commented a KDD Media Net executive.

“We believe the
architecture of our product enables cable operators like Nagoya to
cost-effectively take advantage of advanced features and benefits, including integrated voice, video and data, VLANs capabilities, and support for cable telephony,” said Pete Fenner, Com21’s president and CEO.

The broadband access solution that is being deployed by KDD and Nagoya is Com21’s ComUNITY Access System, which consists of ComPORT cable modems, ComCONTROLLER headends and NMAPS software. Initial modem shipments began in 1998, and commercial deployment of the service commenced May 1.

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