MindSpring Introduces LAN On Demand

Enterprises Inc.
Tuesday introduced LAN on
Demand, the newest in its line of small business products that allows
businesses to connect all the computers in a network through a single ISDN
connection instead of using costlier dedicated links.

When used in conjunction with an ISDN router, the service will
automatically connect a computer to the Internet once a user attempts to
use any Internet-based application. The router remains connected as long as
data is being transmitted and stops once the transmission is complete.

The service costs $99 a month and includes 160 hours of connectivity, 10
e-mail accounts, 5 megabytes of Web server space and start-up software.
Additional connection time is 75 cents an hour. There is also a one-time
$100 setup fee. Businesses are also responsible for setting and paying for
their ISDN connections.

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