National ISP Offers New Web Tracking Tool

EarthLink, Inc. Monday boosted its
offering to small business clients that participate in its Web hosting
program and dial-up subscribers at large.

EarthLink deployed Quantified System’s flagship site
analyzing Urchin software to help
provide detailed graphical reports for EarthLink Biz-hosted sites and
personal Web pages for its 3.8 million members.

The site-tracking tool allows Webmasters to determine where Web visitors
come from, what are the most often used entrances and exits of their sites,
and the top domains, countries, and keywords used to get to their sites.

Collectively, the new feature enhances EarthLink Biz customers’ ability to
manage traffic and effectively market their Web sites to potential users.
When Web marketer’s can track key works used to find their content, it
makes it easier for businesses to put their sites in reach of potential
customers with accurate meta tags and site descriptions.

Ed Douglas, EarthLink Biz products and marketing vice president said as
more businesses get on the Web, they’re realizing how important it is to
be strategic in setting up and managing their sites.

“With Urchin, EarthLink Biz customers can get the information they need to
maximize their sites’ effectiveness, get the most out of their investment
and help grow their businesses,” Douglas said.

EarthLink and Quantified Systems struck a long-term deal that merged Urchin
into the national Internet service provider’s network in June. Impressed
with the reporting tool, EarthLink extended the business relationship to
offer Web hosting clients full access to Urchin’s reporting capabilities.

Designed from the ground up for commercial hosting operations, Urchin
provides highly detailed Web-based reporting for Web site owners that is
updated monthly over an interactive interface. According to Quantified
Systems, Urchin’s comprehensive help system cuts down on calls for
technical support.

Brett Crosby, Quantified Systems vice president of business development
said its is thrilled to work with the nation’s second largest ISP and
second largest paid Web hosting service.

“By giving EarthLink Biz customers a tool like Urchin, they’ll be able to
make the most of their Web site and put their best face forward on the
Net,” Crosby said.

EarthLink Biz paid hosting customers can utilize a full-featured version of
Urchin. EarthLink dial-up users have access to a stripped down version of
Urchin to review personal up to 6-megabites of Web page performance.

Several top sites including the U.S. Department of Defense,,
the National Institutes of Health, and the Honda Motor Company use Urchin
to review Web performance.

Kurt Rahn, EarthLink spokesperson said Urchin’s speed and scalability
provides EarthLink customers
with a great value-added service completely free of charge.

“We looked at a lot of different software to select the best possible
product for our UNIX-based hosting services and the EarthLink network,”
Rahn said. “Urchin is head and shoulders above the rest of the
applications. It also works well with out Click ‘N Build Web construction

Urchin competes directly with the well-established reporting software
developed by WebTrends Corp.
According to, an online
community with 1.8 million users, Urchin processed the same log files in 30
minutes that WebTrends took 24 hours to crunch.

While WebTrends targets enterprise class and business-to-business Web sites
or portals, Quantified System’s Urchin is making inroads into the market
just like the mischievous youngster its name evokes.

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