NaviSite Debuts E-Metrics

NaviSite Inc. (Nasdaq:NAVI) today (Jan 2) unveiled a new service that replaces homegrown web reporting tools with an advanced business measurement solution that analyzes, predicts and acts on customer data to improve website effectiveness.

NaviSite’s E-Metric service, which is based on NetGenesis’ (Nasdaq: NTGX) leading E-Metrics Solutions Suite, is available as a cost-effective, shared service or a dedicated managed system.

“This new alliance offers customers a choice between using our E-metric solutions as a shared service or in an enterprise-class, dedicated environment. This is an important option for customers who are outsourcing their e-business infrastructures because it allows them to implement advanced measurement tools in the environment that best meets their needs,” said Larry Bohn, NetGenesis president and CEO.

NaviSite has integrated NetGenesis’ analytics solutions into its managed ASP environment, enabling companies to gain analytical capabilities without having to pay large technical or personnel costs to deploy the tools themselves. Companies can track customers’ online activities and overall experience with the E-Metrics service and use that information to measure key business factors such as customer acquisition cost, customer loyalty and satisfaction.

NetGenesis’ E-Metrics solution enables e-businesses to analyze e-customer activity in the context of the overall business. E-metrics, the foundation of a strong customer relationship management (CRM) solution, is the language that links the online and offline data resulting in powerful performance measures that provide insight into how to boost the bottom line.

Approximately 75 percent of online businesses use low-end or homegrown reporting tools today, and 84 percent expect demand for site data to skyrocket by 2001, according to research firm Forrester. NetGenesis’ advanced reporting and analysis capabilities, combined with NaviSite’s existing reporting offering, provide mid-sized and large companies with a broad range of E-Metric services on a cost-effective, outsourced basis.

NaviSite’s NetGenesis-based E-Metric services, which will be available at the end of January 2001, include professional services to evaluate E-metric needs, managed hosting services, rental provisioning for hardware and software, managed storage solutions to handle large data requirements, and consulting services to evaluate results and recommend site improvements.

“Our E-Metric services go beyond the basic site traffic numbers that existing tools provide. We are providing companies with market leading reporting and analysis capabilities so they can gain a deeper understanding of their customers and create a more effective online business,” said Jay Seaton, vice president of marketing at NaviSite.

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