Net2Phone Cuts Rates By 75 Percent

IDT subsidiary Net2Phone will slash rates on its
PC-to-phone service, the company announced Tuesday.

As of Jan. 1, 1999, new U.S. customers will be charged 4.9 cents per minute
on domestic calls made from PCs to any telephone in the United States. The
new rates are up to 75 percent lower than the 10-15 cents
per minute domestic users were previously charged.

IDT said it was making the cuts in hopes of gaining new customers and
increasing its share of the fast-growing Internet telephony market.

“Over 1 million international customers have been benefiting from our
technology and capabilities of Net2Phone. We want our U.S. audience to
share in what will be the next wave of domestic communications,” said David
Greenblatt, chief operating officer of Net2Phone.

“Not only will users save up to 75 percent off their domestic phone bill,
but our international rates are also incredibly low, with rates to most of
Europe at 10 cents per minute,” said Greenblatt.

Net2Phone Internet telephony services also include
Net2Phone Direct, Net2Fax, and Click2Talk. Companies that bundle or resell
these services include IBM Global Services, Yahoo!, Excite and Creative Labs.

Customers can download Net2Phone for free at the company’s Web site.

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