netgenie Online Launches Aggressive Affiliate Program

netgenie Online this
week launched its “Friends Telling Friends” affiliate program that pays
subscribers for referring others to sign up for netgenie Online dialup

Netgenie Online affiliates may post a referral link on their business or
personal website. The affiliates are eligible to receive $25 cash reward
for each new customer they refer. Currently, there is no
limit to the number of cash rewards an affiliate may receive.

“It’s quite commonplace for online services to offer a free month of
service for subscriber referrals, but Netgenie’s actually opening up the
checkbook and paying out cash,” said Mark Shander, netgenie Online’s
marketing manager.

Shander added that the affiliate program is expected to help netgenie
Online to quickly grow into one of the nation’s premiere online services,
like MSN, Prodigy and AOL.”

Following an investment of more than $2 million and more than a year of
research, design and developmentn netgenie rolled out a single fee online
service to 80 percent of the U.S. market this past September.

Sander said the single fee program has proven to be extremely successful.

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