Network Appliance, Sendmail Team on Mail Hosting

Content management solutions provider Network Appliance Inc. and Sendmail Inc. Tuesday teamed up to
combine technologies designed to create a highly scalable mail hosting
solution for service providers.

The e-mail solution leverages Network Appliance’s
storage capabilities with Sendmail’s industry-leading application software
to create a highly scalable, robust e-mail solution.

Network Appliance and Sendmail will co-op on marketing and technical
support of the integrated e-mail solution for Internet and application
service providers to maximize throughput and scalability.

Mark Santora, Network Appliance senior vice president of marketing, said
the firm excited to collaborate with Sendmail on its integrated e-mail
solution that takes advantage of a significant market opportunity.

“Network Appliance and Sendmail have mutual customers supporting millions
of mailboxes, and many have expressed strong interest in this integrated
solution,” Santora said.

Jon Haass, Sendmail vice president of business development, said it is
actively partnering with technology leaders like Network Appliance to
develop e-business applications that facilitate transactions and customer
interaction via e-mail.

“This integrated solution combines leading-edge technology from both
partners to create a highly scalable product for the Internet mail hosting
market,” Haass said.

Network Appliance is a leading provider of network-attached storage
appliances and currently hosts approximately 125 million e-mail subscribers
and mailboxes worldwide.

Mark Levitt, International Data Corp. research director, said
the e-mail business is the key to replacing paper in the business
communications arena.

“E-mail usage is booming, with the number of e-mail mailboxes expected to
jump from 385 million in 2000 to 750 million in 2005 worldwide,” Levitt
said. “The replacement of paper with e-mail for billing and account
statement distribution, order processing, and direct marketing over the
next several years will make having an e-mail mailbox as critical to our
daily lives as a postal mailbox.”

According to IDC, much of the estimated $400 billion spent currently on
paper-based bill distribution and payment, order processing, account
statements, and direct marketing is projected to migrate to Internet mail
platforms by 2002.

Based in Emeryville, Calif., privately-held Sendmail delivers its ubiquitous
e-mail platform for Internet communications, applications, and services.
Sendmail, Inc. collaborates with its commercial customers, partners, and
the open source community to advance its e-mail platform that powers a
majority of e-mail servers in use over the Internet.

Network Appliance is an industry veteran of network file serving and
caching systems. Its provided data access solutions since 1992 to major
corporations and ISPs, including Lycos
, Yahoo!
, and Cisco
Systems Inc.

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