OneMain.Com Serves Up Wireless E-Mail Inc., is venturing into
the wireless service arena by forging a pact with Canada-based Research In Motion Ltd. to provide wireless
e-mail services.

The Internet service provider is offering wireless e-mail delivery for its
customers that use RIM-enabled products.’s
$50 a month introductory rate includes e-mail service in conjunction with
RIM’s existing e-mail service, along with other popular
organizer functions like calendar services, address books, calculator
functions, and notification alarms.

Initially, the e-mail service will only function in California, Tennessee, Illinois, Pennsylvania and Missouri.

Dan Greenfield, spokesperson, said the e-mail service is the
company’s first foray into the field of wireless services.

“We want to be able to offer the full range of wireless Internet services,”
Greenfield said. “It’s an evolving target, and we want to develop this
strategy as we’re exploring other options for our customers, like web
hosting and fixed wireless Internet access.”

The wireless arena is a good fit for the company. Its more than 762,000
customers are primarily located in rural and smaller metropolitan market areas.

Rod Lefever, vice president of new development, said wireless
services are also a natural evolution to accommodate the company’s business

“ continues to meet its critical communications mission by
providing an expanding suite of competitively priced, fully integrated
Internet services,” Lefever said. “Through our agreement with RIM, is better able to serve the needs of our business customers,
especially those with time sensitive e-mail requirements.”

Earthlink, Inc. announced plans in
June to acquire and its customer base by the end of the
year. According to Greenfield, the deal could be done in September.

OneMain.coms decision to use RIM products as their wireless e-mail vehicle
is most likely a direct result of Earthlink’s current
agreement with the wireless service facilitator in May.

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