Online Service Universe Co-Op Builds on Imici

Instant-messaging service provider (IMSP) Imici said it is providing its instant-messaging (IM) technology to Internet service providers (ISPs) that belong to the Online Service Universe Co-Op, a growth-oriented cooperative of independent ISPs.

Through the pact, the financial details of which were not released, Online Service Universe members can put their own branding on the private-label version of Imici Messenger. Member ISPs will have the option of including interoperable messaging software, complete with their own branding, with their other services via Imici Messenger, officials also said.

A member ISP can provide its customers with the ability to instant message other people who use IM networks powered by Imici, America Online, ICQ, Yahoo and Microsoft’s MSN, because the software has the company’s “Interoperable by Imici” feature.

“Small ISPs do not have the resources to develop their own premium services to compete with global ISPs,” said Jeno E. Mozes, Founder of Online Service Universe, in a statement. “Online Service Universe is the business network of independent ISPs that serve a majority of Internet users. Together, these ISPs will be able to offer premium services, including instant messaging, making them instantly competitive with the global ISPs.”

Online Service Universe functions as a vehicle by which ISPs establish an ISP-to-ISP (i2i) business network leveraging each other’s resources to become more competitive, and to increase the range and level of service provided to Internet end users.

Last month, Chicago-based Imici added another application-service provider (ASP) offering to its lineup of services, with the launch of its new Business Messenger instant-messaging (IM) system. The new service provides a simple way for businesses to immediately realize a return-on-investment (ROI) by reducing costs and increasing workflow efficiency, the company said in a statement.

The Business Messenger client features Open Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) 1024-bit encryption, message archives, e-mail notification, file transfer, co-browsing and availability settings. Company officials feel that the security of Open SSL 1024-bit encryption is an especially important feature for its Business Messenger, because most public system are not secure. The client also features the “Interoperable by Imici” option.

Doug Miles, Imici’s director of marketing communications, said his company’s product stands apart because it is a hosted subscription based service with “industrial-strength” security. He also cited the Interoperable by Imici option as a function that Imici’s competition does not have.

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