Online System Services Introduces “i2u”

Online System
unveiled this week its latest product, i2u, a full-service Internet package that’s designed to turn broadband operators into Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Formerly known as Cable Access America, i2u combines Internet access with both content and e-commerce functionalities. It features client management and billing software, business models, training programs, and sales and marketing resources.

Online System Services said its long-term strategy is built on high-speed access partnerships, using user-generated content and communities for various target markets.

Since virtual communities are expected to expand, advertising and e-commerce models can be successfully deployed using rule-based marketing tactics to further enhance advertising and transaction revenue streams in the future, the company said.

“It’s our vision to be a leading partner of broadband operators, including cable, wireless, telecommunications and satellite, to create online communities that drive commerce and communications,” said Steve Adams, CEO and founder of Online System Services.

“i2u represents the fulfillment of that vision. With i2u, the operator can bring the Internet to you, the residential or business end-user, at faster speeds and lower price points than most alternatives on the market today.”

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