PanAmSat Demonstrates New Satellite Service

PanAmSat Corp.
unveiled its
satellite transport service Thursday, which is designed to give cable
companies another way to provide high-speed Internet access and multimedia
content to their customers.

The service, SPOTcast for Cable, supports two separate segments of the
cable industry, content providers and cable systems. SPOTcast was
demonstrated this week at the California Cable Television Association’s
Western Show.

SPOTcast for Cable offers content providers a delivery method
for high-bandwidth information including digital ads, digital
movie files and electronic program guides to multiple cable systems.

In addition, the service also allows high-speed Internet access to cable
systems, enabling more efficient use of digital infrastructure and the high
speeds of cable modems. SPOTcast also gives cable systems a cost efficient
method to distribute to multiple head-ends any kind of multimedia content,
such as high-bandwidth files including real-time video and audio feeds.

“As the TV and PC become interchangeable, home users will demand more
complex, high-bandwidth information from content providers and cable
systems,” said Robert Bednarek, PanAmSat’s senior vice president and chief
technology officer.

“Our SPOTcast for Cable service provides an economical, efficient transport
method that combines high-bandwidth digital information
such as video and Internet content into a single package. It is then
multicast to multiple head-ends in one satellite transmission,” Bedmarel said.

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