PSINet Introduces Outsourced E-mail Services

Internet provider PSINet Inc. Monday introduced outsourced
e-mail services, giving small and mid-size businesses the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of Internet messaging without maintaining complicated equipment set-ups.

PSINet Outsourced e-mail services are being offered through a partnership
with Hewlett Packard and The e-mail service
integrates all of the components required for hosting a dedicated,
scalable, and secure messaging service.

The service includes PSINet connectivity and hosting services, HP
heavy-duty servers and scalable e-mail applications. HP is
also provides migration, integration, and implementation services to assist
businesses in establishing the e-mail platform.

PSINet Outsourced E-mail supports common standards based e-mail
applications and web browsers in a secured hosting environment.

“Until now, advanced messaging integration was primarily achieved by a
company using
in-house hardware, software, and technical professional resources,” said
Geoffrey Axton, senior vice president of business and corporate development
for PSINet Inc.

Axton added that small to mid-sized businesses can purchase network
connectivity, applications, technical support, and remote access directly
from PSINet for a flat monthly fee.

“By integrating our Global Hosting architecture and Internet experience
with other industry-leading components offered by HP and, our
customers’ mission-critical applications are in safe and experienced hands,” Axton said.

PSINet Outsourced e-mail service prices depend on a number of factors
including bandwidth requirements, remote access for mobile users and
Intranet development.

PSINet plans to market the service to corporate customers through its
internal sales force and more than 1,000 channel partners.

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