Companies to Develop Java Certification Standards

IBM, Novell, Oracle, Sun Microsystems and the Sun-Netscape Alliance Monday announced they are working together to establish a body of standards for knowledge and skill levels for enterprise developers working with Java technology.

All of the companies involved in the initiative have indicated that they anticipate accepting each other’s certification tests as part of the program.

As a part of Monday’s announcement, the groups expect to identify a commonly accepted group of prerequisite certification examinations at levels which go from programmers using the core Java programming language to developers of enterprise applications.

Through the initiative, developers can expect certification test which define skills on three specific levels:

  • Level 1 Certified Programmer – Demonstrates proficiency in the Java programming language; one exam is required for certification
  • Level 2 Certified Solution Developer – Demonstrates competency in Java application development, object-oriented analysis and design with UML; two exams are required for certification
  • Level 3 Certified Enterprise Developer – Demonstrates competency with enterprise connectivity with the Java platform and enterprise development with an application server; two exams are required for certification

The joint initiative is designed “to provide a ready supply of trained developers for enterprise applications and the rapidly expanding e-commerce market.” The recognition of each other’s training and testing methods by the participating companies allows developers to be “Certified Once, Valued Everywhere” and should help to create a larger pool of qualified Java technology developers in the industry. The certification will provide employers with a
mechanism to validate the skills of their employees.

For additional information about the initiative, visit the Certification Initiative page on Sun Microsystem’s Web site.

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