PSINET to Enable ISP Peering Connectivity

PSINet announced today at ISPCON a new service that’s aimed at
empowering Internet Service Providers with higher Internet connectivity
speeds and more revenue opportunities.

PSINET’s Network Right-of Way Services provides ISPs and telecommunications
carriers with peering and transit capabilities. The Service is designed to
be a more economic alternative to leased-line backbone network connections.

Members can communicate with each other using PSINET’s dedicated peering
circuit, made possible via the company’s alliance with IXC Internet
Services, Inc. and its trans-Atlantic indefeasible right of use (IRU) for
international bandwidth.

In effect, PSINET claims that what this peering alternative does is provide
ISPs with global connectivity, higher bandwidth, and better network

William L. Schrader, PSINet chairman, CEO, and president, will present the
keynote address this afternoon at ISPCON, followed by a panel discussion on
the subject of ISP peering alliances.

PSINET will be broadcasting the event over
the Internet via its WEB LIVE multimedia service.

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