Quest Net Acquires Caribbean Internet Firm

Internet service provider Quest Net Corp.
Tuesday announced the purchase of portions of Grupo Internet Latinoamericano S.A., a
privately held British Virgin Islands company for $2 million.

The assets acquired include Grupo’s computer hardware, software and lists of Internet
domain names.

Quest CEO Camilo Pereira said he believes the purchase will further the company’s intentions of expanding total Internet access to businesses and individual clients.

“We are on course to expand
Quest into a full service Internet solutions company, not just an Internet provider. This acquisition is
another step in that direction,” Pereira said.

Fort Lauderdale, Fla.-based Quest Net operates its own OC-12 (622Mbps) fiber optic
self-healing SMARTRing backbone running from Key West to Sebastian, Fla. The company offers secure, full-service global Internet and intranet broadband digital networking solutions for businesses and
individuals. It also has its own Frame Relay 45Mbps connection into the Internet cloud. Quest Net is one
of the largest regional Internet service providers with Dialup POPs (point-of-presence) in 228 cities and
over 2,000 clients.

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