RedSiren Watches Frontera’s Back

Los Angeles-based full-service provider (FSP) Frontera Corp. today announced it has selected RedSiren Technologies to provide a wide range of information security services to Frontera, enhancing the level of protection it provides to its customers.

“Our clients require best-of-breed information security solutions, especially in the current business climate,” said Frontera CEO Tim Cahill. “We considered a number of companies before choosing RedSiren, because of its depth of knowledge and its expert staff. They understand our business challenges and know how to design solutions that will provide us with a higher level of security.”

Under the agreement, RedSiren will provide vulnerability evaluations and ongoing intrusion detection monitoring services to Frontera, which hosts and administers enterprise-wide e-business applications to companies on an outsourced basis as an ASP. Frontera serves some of America’s best-known organizations, such as Pioneer Electronics, Conseco and the Dallas Cowboys football team.

“As we move ahead to provide our clients with the ability to deploy dynamic content across the Web and Intranets, protecting our networks and their corporate-critical data from unauthorized access is vitally important,” Cahill added. “RedSiren enhances our own security measures to meet the goal of a secure, 24 x 7 monitoring of our networks.”

As an ASP, Frontera clearly understood the business value of working with RedSiren to provide vital services at a fraction of the cost of implementing the entire solution themselves, according to Deborah Shearman, RedSiren’s VP Product Management and Product Marketing. She also noted that RedSiren, with its blend of Fortune 500 and mid-tier enterprise clients, is qualified to meet Frontera’s requirements for a rapid analysis, development and implementation of a security solution.

“Companies such as Frontera now realize that information security is now a ‘must-have’ in today’s environment to protect their corporate assets and brand equity,” Shearman said. “They, like other firms, need to understand where their networks are most vulnerable, how to rectify that situation, and how to protect themselves on an ongoing basis.”

RedSiren protects the computer networks of Fortune 500 and mid-tier enterprise customers, and the corporate-critical information stored on them from unauthorized access.RedSiren, based in Pittsburgh, maintains strategic relationships with a wide range of hardware, software and service vendors, as well as the CERT Coordination Center (CERT/CC), a federally funded research and development center operated by Carnegie Mellon University, and the FBI’s InfraGard initiative. RedSiren’s investors include Redleaf Group, Mellon Ventures and Carnegie Mellon University.

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