SAS Turns to Inxight to Go Multilingual

Inxight Software, Inc., a Santa Clara, Calif-based developer of software for organizing, analyzing and delivering information in multiple languages, on Monday announced a worldwide strategic text mining alliance with SAS Institute, a privately held business intelligence concern.

Under the terms of the agreement, Inxight’s technology will augment SAS Text Miner software, which enables customers to analyze the vast amounts of textual data that reside in databases, emails and on the Web. Inxight-adapted Text Miner will be available mid-2002.

To develop enhanced textual analysis functionality and to accelerate the time to market, SAS will enhance Text Miner with Inxight’s LinguistX Platform, a natural language text analysis solution that analyzes words, phrases and sentences; and Inxight Thing Finder’, a software product that identifies and extracts key content from documents such as company names, products, people, addresses and dates.

The agreement with Inxight includes the support of English, French and German, with other language support available separately from Inxight.

“Unstructured textual data, such as emails, research papers and news articles, makes up approximately 85 percent of a company’s information. However, most of this data is not available for search, retrieval or analysis. Inxight’s proven expertise in linguistic technology coupled with SAS’ 25 years of experience in developing analytic solutions will give customers the ability to access and utilize the important textual information that was not readily available to them before, improving employee productivity and delivering high ROI,” said John C. Laing, Inxight’s president and CEO.

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