SilverStream eXtends Its Reach to SAP

Users of sophisticated enterprise resource planning (ERP) software are looking for ways to make information and transactions captured in back-end systems available to more people using standards-based Web services architecture.

Products like SilverStream eXtend Composer Connect for SAP, announced today, are designed to do exactly that — help companies repurpose critical SAP business functions for use in Web services applications.

The Billerica, Mass.-based SilverStream Software says that using its eXtend technology, customers can rapidly enable SAP software to receive XML requests and produce XML responses, permitting them to interact with internal and external systems either in real-time or asynchronously.

For example, businesses can use Composer Connect for SAP to integrate SAP systems with Web sites, business-to-business trading exchanges, existing EDI infrastructures and a variety of host-based business systems.

“Technologies like the SilverStream eXtend Composer Connect for SAP, which leverage SAP’s own Java Connector (JCo) architecture, are ideal for companies that must incorporate SAP applications into their overall business strategies,” said Hurwitz Group Director Tyler McDaniel.

Key features of eXtend Composer Connect for SAP include the following:

  • Visual Designer for Rapid Integration: Information Analysts work within SilverStream eXtend Composer’s Designer environment to visually XML-enable any SAP function. Using eXtend Composer’s suite of Connectors and Business Process Management capabilities, these SAP functions can be included as components in multi-platform processes.
  • End-to-End Animation: All runtime interactions with SAP systems can be simulated using eXtend Composer’s End-to-End Animation capability, which is designed to ensure that SAP-based Web services can be implemented, deployed and supported as enterprise-level production systems.
  • High Performance, SAP-compatible Architecture: Composer Connect for SAP is built on top of SAP’s Java Connector (JCo), the software vendor’s interface for Java application integration.
  • Comprehensive SAP Interoperability: In addition to access through JCo, eXtend Composer also supports integration via SAP’s XML and IDoc document formats.

    Built-in Web Services Readiness: eXtend Composer includes built-in support for key Web services standards such as Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP), Web Services Description Language (WSDL) and Universal Description, Discovery, and Integration (UDDI). Any SAP function can be exposed as a distinct Web service and/or accessed from within larger Web services compositions.

    Tools for Developers: For integrations that require developer-level access to SAP’s R/3 functions, Composer Connect for SAP provides a Java scripting interface that exposes all standard SAP function calls.

    Enterprise J2EE Deployment: All Composer Connect for SAP runtime elements are deployed into J2EE application servers, including the SilverStream eXtend Application Server, IBM WebSphere and BEA WebLogic.

“Composer Connect for SAP is an industrial-strength solution for integrating R/3 business functions with the world of Web services,” said Fred Holahan, SilverStream’s vice president and general manager of eBusiness integration products. “Combined with SAP’s own JCo technology, Composer Connect for SAP allows customers to quickly implement scalable integration solutions, deploy them with confidence and manage them within an enterprise J2EE infrastructure.”

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