Red Hat Airs New Stronghold Server

Red Hat Monday released Stronghold Enterprise, the latest addition to its new line of enterprise-level offerings.

Stronghold Enterprise is an open source, Apache-based Web server designed to provide enhanced security features and high performance. It also offers various tools to improve application interoperability.

This news follows last month’s announcement of Red Hat Linux Advanced Server, the initial offering in what is becoming vendor’s Enterprise line.

Advanced Server and Stronghold Enterprise were developed to be used together to provide enterprises with stability, performance, and a low total cost of ownership by combining software and value-added services to deliver the application, systems management, and security needed for enterprises to efficiently deploy and manage large numbers of Web servers.

“Secure Web servers are an integral part of the Internet infrastructure [that] organizations need to transmit critical business intelligence and interact with customers over the Web,” said Paul Cormier, executive vice president of engineering at Red Hat.

“Stronghold Enterprise is the best choice for enterprises that want to break free of proprietary operating systems while enhancing the security and reliability of their business data,” Cormier added.

Stronghold Enterprise incorporates Red Hat Content Accelerator for performance enhancement and is Red Hat Network enabled to receive security alerts and critical software updates. The server offers Java support, support for hardware cryptographic acceleration, and application server connections.

Since Stronghold Enterprise is based on a solid core of industry leading open source projects, such as Apache and OpenSSL, it comes with secure page delivery capability. The server also comes with full disclosure of source code. Tomcat, AxKit, DAV, and other content editing and management tools are integrated with Stronghold Enterprise, and language support includes PHP and Perl.

Stronghold Enterprise for Advanced Server was designed to handle demanding browser loads, and it includes accelerated hardware cryptography and reporting tools to help eliminate performance problems.

Stronghold Enterprise’s capabilities can be expanded further with extension modules, tool integration, interfaces with application servers, and support for the languages and standards needed to operate in a heterogeneous Web environment.

Red Hat will begin shipping Stronghold Enterprise in late April on Linux and Unix platforms. Stronghold Enterprise and subsequent updates are available through the Red Hat Network on a subscription basis when installed on Advanced Server.

Stronghold Enterprise is priced at $995 per server and includes a one-year subscription for e-mail support and product updates. Additional purchase and evaluation information is available at

Amy Newman is managing editor of ServerWatch.

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