SkyDesk’s Service to be Featured in Intuit’s QuickBooks

As the trend of software makers partnering with ASPs continues to pick up steam, Intuit and SkyDesk today joined forces.

SkyDesk will provide online backup, storage and remote access service for QuickBooks 2000 and QuickBooks Pro 2000, Intuit’s leading small business management software product.

The online backup service for QuickBooks is a customized version of SkyDesk’s @Backup service and will extend SkyDesk’s reach into the small business arena.

B2B provider of Internet storage solutionsSkyDesk (San Diego, Calif.) continues to strengthen its position through alliances with companies including Dell, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, [email protected], EarthLink and Covad Communications.

The essentials of this partnership focus on Intuit gaining the ability to extend new and valuable services to its customers immediately, while SkyDesk gets immediate access to more than 15 million potential new users in its exact demographic target market-small businesses.

According to SkyDesk, they are among the latest group of QuickBooks Internet Gateway alliances.

Jim Till, senior vice president, SkyDesk, said, “Our relationship with Intuit illustrates how we’re using alliances to tailor our service offerings to meet the specific needs of their customers. This is where our allies derive the greatest value from SkyDesk.”

QuickBooks Online Backup Service powered by @Backup will be available to QuickBooks users for $49.95 a year, and the @Backup service can be used for a 30-day free trial period.

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