TriZetto, Intel Team to Enhance Security for ASP Services

ASP The TriZetto Group, Inc. announced today an agreement with Intel Corp. in which Intel will provide Internet authentication services for HealthWeb, TriZetto’s Internet portal, as well as TriZetto’s ASP customers.

The agreement will enable a more secure, trusted environment for Internet communications and transactions among healthcare professionals, health plans, employers and health-plan members.

“Today’s Internet health revolution affects the access and exchange of all healthcare information,” Shawn Bowen, vice president, connectivity services/chief technology officer, at TriZetto, explained. “Security should be a critical component of any healthcare entity’s Internet strategy.”

Through TriZetto’s collaboration with Intel Internet Authentication Services (IAS), HealthWeb users and TriZetto’s ASP customers can better safeguard the privacy and security of their data, enabling more reliable identity verification without the constraints of specialized systems and applications for online authentication. Intel IAS will help TriZetto deliver an industry leading level of security with real-time authentication and portability — and minimal impact on ease-of-use.

The TriZetto Group (TZIX) will accept the American Medical Association-branded digital credential for physicians, providing its users and customers with a transparent authentication process that helps healthcare organizations confirm that a physician is at the sending and receiving ends of an Internet connection before confidential healthcare data is accessed, discussed or exchanged.

According to Mariah Scott, general manager at Intel IAS, the company is providing TriZetto with a digital credential capability that is easy to use, manageable, scalable and highly portable. “Internet health is still in its infancy, but our service will help TriZetto to more securely scale with the growth of the sector,” he said

Intel IAS is helping TriZetto create a more trusted online environment for Internet access, e-mail, and business-to-business e-commerce targeting a broad range of healthcare services and applications. TriZetto’s applications include doctor-patient interactions; transactions between and among physicians and service providers such as hospitals, labs and pharmacies; the ability to store and retrieve patient charts over secure Internet connections; and the ability to store, manage, and maintain personal health information for health-plan members and their families.

TriZetto recognizes the need for more private and more secure Internet Health transaction services and plans to make the benefits of Intel Internet Authentication Services available to all its customers. “Through our vendor-neutral ASP model, this additional level of security can be layered over virtually any hosted software application,” Bowen said

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