Softricity and MetraTech Align

Softricity, a developer of carrier-class application delivery platforms, and web services billing solution provider MetraTech announced Monday (March 19) an alliance to produce joint technology for delivering and metering software applications over public and private networks.

“The service provider industry is on the verge of a services renaissance,” said Scott Swartz, president and CEO, MetraTech. “Softricity is accelerating this renaissance by providing on-demand application delivery and management, while MetraTech’s billing application instantly converts this renaissance to revenue.”

By using MetraTech’s billing platform, service providers can develop pricing plans that best reflect the value subscribers receive. For example, an organization may require certain applications to have different tiers of access depending on organizational policies and the user’s needs. Each of these tiers can be priced separately using MetraTech’s combined usage tracking and usage-based pricing capabilities.

“Without billing, it’s just a hobby,” Swartz told ASP News. “The world is changing from ‘first mover’ to ‘first prover’ – what’s a differentiator today will be a commodity tomorrow. Companies need agility to get going now and change later. MetraTech can offer that agility.”

In addition to the alliance, Softricity has standardized on the MetraTech API to track usage information within their architecture. Through its integration, applications and data are instantly billing enabled upon delivery.

Softricity develops products that let enterprises, ISVs, and service providers deliver and manage software application services. Softricity’s core technology is its Open Application Services (OAS) architecture. The OAS architecture offers on-demand delivery technology and centralized management and administrative functions.

MetraTech’s native XML platform enables business model agility, revenue development, partner management and revenue sharing, and usage-based pricing, while seamlessly integrating with existing business processes. “They’re not welded on, so they can be changed quickly,” Swartz said.

Companies using the MetraTech billing solution include ASPs, AIPs and enhanced communications service providers. With headquarters in Waltham, MA., MetraTech also has offices in London, UK.

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