Streambox, Phoenix In DSL Streaming Alliance, a media portal, search engine and streaming media guide, Monday announced a wide-ranging marketing agreement with national broadband service provider Phoenix Networks.

As part of the agreement, Phoenix Networks will showcase as its
premier online streaming media leader on the Internet. Phoenix DSL users will
have the option of including Streambox’s content on their customized
home pages. Conversely, Streambox will promote Phoenix DSL service on its

The arrangement offers Phoenix DSL subscribers a
free trial version of Streambox Ripper, as well as linking users to a new,
customizable version MyStreambox. a portal.

“This is clearly a win-win deal for both companies,” said Bob Hildeman, chief executive officer
of Streambox. “We get to expose our high-quality content to broadband users,
and Phoenix Networks gets content that will enhance subscribers’ broadband

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