Digital Lava Demos FireStream Encoding Station

Digital Lava Inc. Monday launched an integrated hardware and software platform
that enables users to encode for streaming media concurrently and in real
time to multiple data formats and bit rates.

FireStream Encoding Station’s
patent-pending encoding solution will be on view at Streaming Media East in New York, June

The product utilizes proprietary encoder
control software with file and job management features to create a user
defined mixture of outputs in a variety of multiple formats and data rates,
including Microsoft ASF, RealNetworks RM and MPEG-1.

The software interface
enables users to configure a job setup and output requirements based on their
individual distribution needs.

The product was originally conceived
and developed as a means to
improve the efficiency, turnaround time and cost structure of the company’s
publishing process of rich media presentations, according to Bob Greene, chief executive officer of
Digital Lava.

“By leveraging our core technology based upon
industry standards with the experience of encoding thousands of hours of
content through our publishing services group, we were able to develop an
elegant and efficient solution,” he said

He added that the product solves a large problem with current commercially
available alternatives by synchronizing all encoded outputs. Additionally,
an encoder control software provides for unattended termination of
all encoded streams thereby freeing users to attend to other tasks and saving
overhead costs.

3 Point Digital, will
build, test and support the FireStream Encoding Station as well as provide
exclusive West Coast distribution.

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