Tarantella Expands Its Government Partnerships

Internet infrastructure software maker Tarantella Thursday says it has established some new partnerships with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and other federal government contractors.

The Santa Cruz, Calif.-based company, best known for its Tarantella Enterprise 3 Web enabling and application brokering software, says it signed technology deals with Logicon FDC, Harris, GTSI, Triton Services, DigiTech and Videla International.

The six companies, which work for the DoD and other government offices, will be using Tarantella’s platform to support their existing encryption devices and operations over the DoD’s secure networks.

The software supports inter- and intra agency collaboration capabilities on host platforms including Microsoft NT, UNIX, mainframe or A/S400 – or other client devices.

“(Partnerships) of this caliber move us to a higher level within the government agencies and their unique abilities to understand customer requirements assures a proper fit for Tarantella,” says Tarantella vice president of worldwide enterprise sales David West. “Through their application expertise, existing government relationships, depth of experience and knowledge of the vicissitudes of doing business with government, they can help Tarantella navigate often complex government agencies. It’s a complimentary relationship that has already allowed us entry into many key accounts.”

West says because no code is installed on the hosted application side or the client device, Tarantella software can be installed in either unclassified or classified environments with no disruption of service or any changes to the system.

This is not the first contract Tarantella has had with U.S. government offices. In the past six months, the company reports a 500 percent increase in software and services sales to the U.S. Army, NASA, U.S. Air Force and other government agencies.

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