Telera Brings Voice Web to Carriers

Voice Web infrastructure provider Telera today announced that it will begin offering a Telera-powered Voice Web Application Platform to communications carriers and service providers, providing a turnkey infrastructure to create phone-accessible applications built on Internet technologies.

“The Voice Web is no longer about voice portals and it isn’t a toy: the era of the Voice Web as a serious business tool has arrived,” said Prem Uppaluru, Telera’s president and CEO. “We’ve spent three years building and perfecting a Voice Web platform, which has been validated by our success in the enterprise market. We are now working closely with service providers to incorporate a Telera-powered Voice Web Application Platform into their overall business strategies.”

Telera’s Voice Web Application Platform enables telephone access to functionality like Web content, e-commerce transactions, and highly personalized self-service. It does this through a software platform that allows voice applications to be developed in the same way as Web applications and, as a result, use the same systems and databases, and also allows these applications to be managed by a Web server.

The efficiencies gained through this process can help earn service providers a chunk of the $45 billion that analysts estimate enterprises spend annually on communications equipment and services, without giving up control of the applications that shape their customer interactions.

“We recognize the need for businesses to tightly manage phone interactions with their customers, but the cost of doing so shouldn’t result in the creation of a mini telco within the enterprise. That’s expensive and absurd, especially now when focusing on core competencies is so crucial,” Uppaluru said. “Our software allows businesses to control the voice applications that manage customer service, while allowing the service providers to deliver the critical management and support of the network infrastructure. Each gets to do what it does best.”

For businesses of all sizes, the Voice Web architecture allows voice applications to be linked with back-office databases, e-commerce systems, existing Web sites and contact center systems to enhance customer interactions. Telera’s software will also allow service providers to eliminate the need for their business customers to buy proprietary telephony equipment or tie up resources with a costly installation.

“The Voice Web is a significant customer service innovation. Ultimately, it helps enterprises serve their customers better while increasing customer satisfaction and decreasing costs. What Telera is offering is a way to easily deliver this technology to the enterprises,” said Megan Gurley, analyst with research firm Yankee Group.

Telera’s Voice Web Application Platform has been the source of more than 50 Voice Web applications over the past two years, serving more than 30 enterprise customers, many of which are members of the Fortune 500. Telera began building its Voice Web platform in 1998 on standard Internet technologies, allowing it to seamlessly integrate with any Web-enabled software platform or application.

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