Teligent, REMEC Extend Reach of Fixed Wireless Networks

Teligent and REMEC, a provider of broadband and wireless microwave and millimeter-wave systems, Tuesday unveiled new antenna technology that will extend the reach of fixed wireless networks by virtually eliminating the requirement for “direct line of sight” access.

The active antenna repeater technology, developed jointly by the two companies, redirects microwave signals from a network base station to customer buildings that otherwise would not be accessible because they are not directly in the base station’s “line of sight.” The technology will enable Teligent (TGNT) to reach more than 90 percent of all buildings within range of Teligent base stations. Teligent said that by increasing the number of buildings that can be served by individual base stations, active antenna repeaters will lower network costs and expand Teligent’s pool of potential customers.

Teligent Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Alex J. Mandl hailed the new technology as a major development for the fixed wireless industry that will allow Teligent to extend the reach of its SmartWave networks at a fraction of the cost of deploying additional base stations.

The Teligent-REMEC active antenna repeater was developed from a Teligent design concept at REMEC’s San Diego headquarters. The device was tested and evaluated at Teligent’s Broadband Research Laboratory in Washington, DC. A patent is pending for the network application.

Under the joint development agreement, Teligent has an exclusive right to deploy the first generation active antenna repeater for eight months. The first generation repeater operates in the 24 GHz band and features vertical and horizontal polarized antenna ports, a signal level detector for precise antenna alignment and an operational range from minus 40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The repeater is designed to operate at humidity levels of up to 100 percent.

The active antenna repeater is the latest in a series of devices and technologies that have been put through their paces in the multi-million dollar, state-of-the-art Teligent laboratory. In recent months, Teligent has conducted extensive research on nanometer, beambender, millimeter wave and other broadband technologies in the laboratory

Completed in 1998, the Broadband Research Laboratory features a fully operational replica of Teligent’s network. The network simulator includes working reproductions of a customer site, a Teligent broadband switching facility and a Teligent base station.

The lab is used to evaluate installation procedures, enhance network architecture and test new and leading edge products and services. The “live” environment allows Teligent to fine-tune its communications networks in real time without impacting customers. The lab also is available for Teligent vendors to test their products and technologies.

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